Hvn on Erth Taco

Hvn on Erth’s infamous soy free, gluten free, dairy free, non-gmo, & organic plant based taco. The lentil based "carne asada" flavored taco is simmered in alkaline water on medium heat and sautéed in organic herbs & pink salt. Served on top of a gluten free tortilla with a special sauce, pico de gallo, & Hvn on Erth's 'Godcuamole'. Optional gluten free  jalapeño hot sauce for spice.

Hvn on Erth Tacos
Marijuana Pasta

Marijuana Plant Pasta

Hvn on Erth’s plant based “ground turkey/beef” textured marinara pasta infused with organic herb seasoning atop gluten free & plant based pasta noodles. Garnished with organic parsley.

Hvn on Erth Godcuamole

Hvn on Erth’s plant based 'Godcuamole' ingredients are raw, fresh, & organic. The story behind 'Godcuamole' was named after a sister, Iyana who my Hvn on Erth's guac. 

After performing at the Art Function & getting done serving my tacos I began

to clean. My sisters Melian & Iyana stopped me.

Iyana: "I know what this is called..." with a smirk on her face.

A moment came over all of us sisters, knowing how creative we all are as we

stared at each other and giggled; knowing in that moment it was going 

effortlessly creative.

Me: "What is it sis...?" as I laughed

"Gooood-cuaaa-mole" she said extended each and every syllable.

We all busted out laughing & 'Godcuamole' 

is exactly what it became. The Godly guacamole.

Hvn on Erth Godcuamole
Hvn on Erth Chicken

Hvn on Erth Fried Mushkens 

'Mushkens' are a cross between mushrooms and "chicken" given that these deliciously fried poppers are plant based and have not one bit of chicken in them. Sautéed and fried in grape-seed oil, the bite of a Mushken is filling, yet leaves one feeling energized and satisfied.

Mushkens Flavors:


Lemon Pepper


Orange "Mushken"

Butta Love Soup 

Hvn on Erth's Butta Love Soup is a creamy, organic, soy free, gluten free, & dairy free lentil soup infused with herbs. Butta Love is garnished with dill, cashews, & sautéed wild mushrooms. You can call it our Sweet & Sour soup.  

Butta Nut Soup